Our Mission

What We Do

No one ‘Keeps it Grizzly’ more than a mama bear. She’s strong, independent, and willing to protect her young at all costs. People are really no different. We strive to achieve our goals and ensure a bright future for the next generation.

Keeping it Grizzly means just that: being passionate, reaching for your dreams, and supporting youth opportunities in your community. We envision KIG as a community more than a company where customers can share goals, ideas, and causes that improve the world around us. 

Our grizzly logo is a symbol of passion, independence, authenticity, and strength.

When you wear the bear, you make a statement. You Keep it Grizzly.


Out and About

Oftentimes ‘giving back’ is a monetary or physical donation. However, KIG has recognized a way to support youth in our communities that will have a much bigger reach and lasting results. Proceeds from apparel sales are allocated to much needed marketing for individuals and companies that support youth opportunities, as well as telling the stories of youth reaching for their dreams.

If you want an event or cause featured on our site, contact us! We love to show up and share the experience with people who Keep it Grizzly. But more importantly, we love to create awareness for the people and organizations that work so hard to improve our communities.