Our Model

How We Do It


KIG model is driven by the end goal of creating and protecting youth opportunities. Proceeds from our apparel allow us to provide much-needed awareness for individuals and organizations that share our values.


We could donate money. We could volunteer our time. These are both necessary components of support for the community. However, KIG saw a crucial missing piece in these traditional ways to give back: people can only support individuals and organizations they are aware of.


Non-profits are not known for their large marketing budgets. They often lack the ability to share their cause and stories with the community at large. That's where we step in.


Keep it Grizzly reallocates a portion of our apparel proceeds to finding and sponsoring community members, events, and organizations that create and protect youth opportunities. Through video content and exposure of events on our site we hope to provide a wider reach for the amazing and much-needed people who dedicate their time and efforts to the community at large.