Our Story

It All Started...

Keep it Grizzly Apparel is a socially proactive clothing company that was founded by two childhood friends, Komodo Jones and Thomas Kurdy. The concept of Keep it Grizzly started out as an idea for a music video anthem that would leverage the love and passion for Montana Grizzlies football in Missoula, Montana. At the time, the University of Montana was experiencing a lot of negative attention; the vibe on campus lacked the positive spirit that it usually had, so they wanted to do something about it.


After more than a year of hard work, the music video was complete. Jones and Kurdy took the production to the program director of 107.5 ZooFM who was more than excited to debut the song on the radio and feature the video on their website. The Keep it Grizzly video tallied over 11,000 views on YouTube and became the anthem to the UM v MSU Brawl of the Wild football rivalry.


Over the next year, Jones and Kurdy took a deeper look into what Keep it Grizzly could be. They witnessed first-hand how a fun music video could bring a positive light to an otherwise negative situation. Wanting to expand upon that notion, they acted on a hunch to create a very unique business model.


The company needed more than a video to expand their message. Jones and Kurdy decided to create a clothing line that would allow consumers to rep the brand and what it stands for. This also brought in a revenue stream that would allow Keep it Grizzly to take action in helping the community. A portion of every clothing sale is allocated to our mission of creating and protecting youth opportunities.


At the end of the day, Keep it Grizzly is bigger than one event or one thing. It’s about standing up for what you believe in to make a positive impact on your community. It’s about finding new ways to inspire and push people to want more out of life. It’s about how you Keep it Grizzly.